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Tequila Pedro Infante Reposado

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Pedro Infante Tequila Bottle

Tequila Pedro Infante Resposado: A Rare Find and Good Tequila

Tequila Pedro Infante Reposado (NOM 1437) is a spirit that was produced by Tequilera Don Roberto in Tequila, Jalisco.

Don Roberto continues to make other tequilas that include:

  • Tequila Abajeño
  • Don Roberto
  • Chavo Malo

I think it is unfortunate that this tequila brand has been discontinued.

Tequila Pedro Infante Reposado comes in a standard 750ml cylinder bottle and has a light, golden label with a picture of Pedro Infante that really makes the colors stand out.

The twist off cap is red and the entire presentation -as a whole- suits the subtle light, golden color of this reposado tequila.

Tequila Pedro Infante Reposado

Pedro Infante tequila was produced by Pedro Infante’s daughter Lupita, in honor of her dad.

If you are not familiar with who Pedro Infante was, here’s a brief history.

Pedro Infante was a famous Mexican actor and singer who sang many popular Mariachi and Ranchero songs.

Pedro was an aviation aficionado, which was his main hobby that later led him to his death.

Even after his passing, Pedro Infante’s fame and legacy continues.

One quote from Mexican American author Denis Chavez, in a book she wrote called “Loving Pedro Infante”, said humorously:

If you’re a [Mexican] and you don’t know who he is, you should be tied to a hot stove with a yucca rope and beaten with sharp, dry corn husks as you stand in a vat of soggy fideos.

How Does Pedro Infante Reposado Taste?

The initial taste is an herbal, earthy taste. It has a bit of a bite yet finishes smooth with a peppery, agave flavor and a hint of vanilla.

It does have a stronger bite than other tequilas, but it has a nice agave flavor that makes it a great sipping tequila or on the rocks.

Pedro Infante Tequila Bottle

The texture is smooth, not as silky as others, but it does leave a nice teardrop pattern on the glass which shows its consistency.

The color of this tequila is of a light, golden straw color.

The presentation in Mexico is 38% alcohol. If you can find it, the price is about $299.00 pesos (750ml) a bottle – less than $16.50 U.S.

I actually paid $206.00 pesos ($11.50 U.S.D)  for the bottle shown.

Where to Buy?

Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, this tequila is no longer made. However, I have seen inventory in a few different liquor stores and online.

If you can find a bottle of this tequila, you will definitely want to pick up at least one and experience the flavor this reposado has to offer. The taste is very good and you can’t beat the price.

Tequila Pedro Infante Reposado













  • Good Agave Taste
  • Great Price


  • No Longer Produced

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