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Tequila Los Arango Reposado

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Los Arangos Reposado

Tequila Reposado Los Arango: Incredible Aroma and Flavor

I have always been a fan of both white and añejo tequilas.

Reposado tequila is in the middle of the aging process between a white and añejo tequila.

Many reposados I have tried are not always smooth and have a bite on the initial taste.

Last week, I went to my local liquor store and was looking for something different. At the far back, I saw a tequila that I was unfamiliar with by the name of Los Arango (NOM 1368).

Los Arango is a 100% agave tequila reposado.

Tequila Los Arango Reposado

Before I buy any tequila, I tend to pull out my phone to see what others have said; it’s just more about curiosity than anything else.

Some people did not speak highly of this brand and gave it a moderate to low rating – when I see that, I am even more eager to try it.

Most seem to follow the herd and are fans of some of the more commercial tequila brands. I am not!

Tequila Los Arango Reposado Rear Label

Los Arango comes in a dark blue, blown glass bottle with a leather logo and silver emblem.

I bought it in Mexico, so it is 35% alcohol – my preference for a nice sipping tequila.

While I am usually put off by fancy bottles -“I’m kind of weird that way”- I decided to give Los Arango a try.

My thinking is that if a company spends a lot on the presentation, there must be something wrong with what’s in the bottle – not always, but some of the time.

Los Arango Aroma

I love the fact that the bottle comes with a wooden twist off cap, which ads the finishing touches to this tequila’s presentation.

Not only that, when you screw off the top it makes it easy to smell and really enjoy the aroma of this reposado.

My first impression when I took my first whiff of Los Arango is that it left me in awe, no, seriously, the scent smells more like an añejo or even an extra añejo tequila.

The aroma gives off a mix of cinnamon, caramel, and pepper-like scent that will make your mouth water.

Los Arango is a silky smooth tequila with a light, golden amber color.

Tequila Los Arangos in Shot Glass

Los Arango Flavor

The first sip of Los Arango reposado is slightly sweet with a hint of cinnamon and pepper, still maintaining a subtle yet tangy hint of agave, while finishing with a caramel and vanilla flavor.

The fullness of Los Arango delivers an incredible experience from start to finish.

Who makes Tequila Los Arango Reposado?

Tequila Los Arango is made by the same company that makes Corralejo.

I have seen some reviews of this tequila that don’t do it justice. It may be a matter of individual preference but I have personally yet to know someone who has scoffed at the quality and flavor that this reposado delivers.

I purchased my bottle of Los Arango Reposado at a local liquor store in Guadalajara and paid $307.00 pesos (about $17.00 U.S).

This little gem of tequila will set you back just under $50.00 in the U.S, with a 40% alcohol presentation.

I have seen it sold online in Canada with 35% alcohol, priced at $49.75 CAD.


If you are looking for a smooth, sipping tequila – Los Arango will not let you down.

Yes, it is a bit pricey, but Los Arango is a premium reposado that is worth the price.

Los Arango Reposado













  • Great for Sipping
  • Good Aroma and Flavor
  • Smooth from Start to Finish


  • A Bit Pricey in the U.S

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