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Tequila Hacienda Sahuayo Reposado

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Tequila Hacienda Sahuayo Reposado

Tequila Reposado Hacienda Sahuayo

The first bottle of Tequila Hacienda Sahuayo I ever tasted was their Blanco, I liked it so much I bought a second bottle and it did not last long either, it is a wonderful tasting tequila with lots of balance.

I have been wanting to try their reposado for some time, I have heard good and bad comments but I always ignore them until I have a chance to put my own taste buds to work.

The bottle I bought of Tequila Hacienda Sahuayo NOM 1511 was 35% alcohol and was date stamped 2008. I paid $233.00 pesos or about $18.00 U.S.D

The first thing I was a little apprehensive about was the fact that it was only 35%, I noticed that the reposado that ships to the U.S are 40% alcohol.

The presentation of Hacienda Sahuayo comes in a standard round one-liter bottle, the label on the bottle is light orange with a picture of the distilleries hacienda and black and red lettering.

The color of the tequila is a light straw color.


The aroma of this tequila is very subtle, I would almost call it weak, it does not give off a strong aroma at all, it has a very subtle earthy smell with hints of agave, with almost no sweetness at all


My initial sip did not give me any kind of wow factor like the Blanco, I took a second sip and the flavor seemed to set in.

The flavor has hints of pepper, some agave and a subtle herbal and vegetable taste but nothing really pronounced. it has a decent finish which remains with hints of pepper and cooked agave.

Tequila Hacienda Sahuayo Reposado

Personally I did not find the flavor to be that complex, however, I do favor a slightly stronger tasting tequila. Compared to their Tequila Blanco which I find to be excellent, I found the reposado to be disappointing.

It’s not all bad.

I think for those with a sensitive palate may find Tequila Hacienda Sahuayo to be good,  those who have not ever had tequila before may find this reposado to be a good mild-tasting tequila that is smooth and not stong.


I don’t ever like to be critical about any Tequila but rather like to offer constructive criticism, I personally believe this reposado falls short, especially if you have had their blanco. Maybe its the lower alcohol volume or I just got a bottle from a bad batch, in any case, this is not a bottle I would buy again, for those who like a milder tasting reposado this will probably do just fine.

Nom: 1511
Region: Michoacán
Cooked: Autoclave
Extraction method: Roller Mill
Fermentation: 100% agave, Stainless steel tanks
Distilled: 2x distilled
Still: Stainless Steel

The Hacienda Sahuayo Distillery is located:

Calzada Revolución
Sahuayo de Morelos, Michoacan De Ocampo, Mexico 59057
Phone 353 532 4592
Website: www.tequilahaciendasahuayo.com
Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/Tequila-Hacienda-Sahuayo-187672827960487/

Hacienda Sahuayo Map

Tequila Hacienda Sahuayo Reposado

$18.00 U.S.D












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