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Tequila El Conquistador Reposado

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Tequila Conquistador

Tequila El Conquistador What a Delicious Surprise

Its been a few months since I have done a review so I decided it was time to visit my local liquor store where I can find some old hidden gems that remain on the shelves. This last trip did not leave me disappointed.

About 10 years ago I tried El Conquistador Blanco and was impressed with the flavor, it was very smooth with a wonderful citrus and agave aroma. Today I am trying my first ever El Conquistador Reposado.

The first thing I should mention in my review about the bottle I purchased is that it’s probably about 10-15 years old, maybe even older. El Conquistador was produced under a few different NOM’s (Previously: 1488, 1068, 1107 ) the current NOM is 1173, the bottle I bought is NOM- 1488 which my review is based on.

Tequila Conquistador

I bring this up because it can make a big difference where the tequila is produced.

El Conquistador 38% Alc. Vol. (NOM 1488) was originally distilled by Cavas Vamer, S.A. De C.V. in Tepatitlan de Morelos in the state of Jalisco.

The bottle comes in a 750ml clear hand blown glass bottle, this particular bottle sits crooked and leans a bit to the right, it’s sealed with a short cork and wrapped gold foil around the top. The back of the bottle has an image of a Jimador standing over an agave plant trimming off the leaves. At the base of the bottle, the brand El Conquistador is embossed in the glass.

There is nothing fancy about the bottle or the labels, they are transparent with gold and black accents.

Anytime I see a tequila sealed with a cork I am always intrigued to try it, this is the presentation of many old Tequila brands of 40 years ago. In this case, due to the age of the Tequila, you can see that there was a bit of evaporation.

Tequila Conquistador with Glass

The color is a light golden brown.

Opening the bottle

Taking off the cork you are presented with a hint of caramel, vanilla, and agave aroma, not at all strong which. Once you pour it into a shot glass it really opens up the flavor.

Swirling the liquid around it sticks to the glass and leaves nice long lasting legs that stick to the sides of the glass and make your mouth water.

How does Tequila El Conquistador Taste?

The first taste is of a subtle touch of vanilla, oak, and caramel, the finish leaves a subtle yet pronounced flavor of agave which is what I love about this tequila.

After letting the taste buds rest for a minute or two the second sip is just as smooth and consistent as the first.

Poured Conquistador

The price

I paid 200.00 pesos $12.00 U.S.D for a 750ml 38% bottle and which is extremely cheap for what you are getting. The issue is the brand is hard to find.

Tequila El Conquistador seems to have been discontinued which is unfortunate. I guess it’s just another great tequila that has succumbed to the more commercially made brands.

I know this Tequila is still available in Mexico so if you are able to find a bottle you will want to get your hands one or even two you won’t be disappointed.

Final thoughts

This tequila is great for sipping on it own or with any kind of dessert dish, this is a tequila that will impress first time tequila drinkers.

Tequila Conquistador Reposado

$12.00 U.S.D












  • Hints of caramel, oak and vanilla
  • Great served with desserts
  • Good sipping tequila


  • No longer in production
  • Not good for mixing

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