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Tequila Cimarrón Añejo

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Tequila Cimarron Añejo

Tequila Cimarrón Añejo (NOM 1146)

I bought this bottle of tequila on a recommendation from a friend, he said he had had both the white and Añejo in the past and said they were both delicious.

I had not seen it before but  I walked in one day while they were stocking it at my local liquor store local I bought a 750ml bottle of the Cimarrón Añejo 35% alcohol. I paid $280.00 pesos ($15.00) Tequila Cimarrón Añejo is made by the distillery Tequileña S.A de C.V.  that same distillery makes other brands as well, some of those include:

  • Asombroso
  • Xalixco
  • Don Lorenzo
  • Fuente Seca
  • Don Fulano
  • Lapiz
  • Pura Sangre
  • Compadre
  • Indianos


The bottle is square and has an embossed weaved design with a blue label with a picture of a ram on the front of the bottle. The color of Cimarrón Añejo does look appetizing, it has a nice golden amber color but the color, unfortunately, is deceiving. In this case, the color in no way reflects the taste I would have expected.


Very mild agave with a slight hint of cinnamon and oak with a subtle hint of alcohol on the nose.

The flavor

The initial sip gives off an extremely mild peppery flavor with mild hints of agave, it finishes smooth, almost too smooth, this is a bottle I bought some time back and never got around to reviewing it, I tasted it and to be honest it did nothing for me. I decided to revisit it and take another taste and to me, it is very bland.

Tequila Cimarron Añejo Glass

This is probably one of the blandest Añejo tequilas I have ever tasted, I expected a lot more from this brand, especially after reading some of the positive reviews.

The only thing I can think of is that maybe I got a bad batch, the bottle I bought was from 2011.

I know that bad-tasting tequilas exist, unfortunately, for my taste buds Tequila Cimarrón Añejo is one of them, it’s not strong, it does not have much flavor and to me just seems bland.

For me this is a bottle I would not buy again, I found it very disappointing especially for it being an añejo tequila.


Tequila Cimarrón Añejo might be ok for mixing but as a sipper, there are much better alternatives, I see they have changed their presentation so maybe their recipe has changed, if so I may in the future consider trying a bottle of their  Blanco or Reposado.

Tequila Cimarron

NOM: 1146 ,
Tequila Jalisco
Cooked in Autoclave
Extracted with Screw Mill, Roller Mill
Fermented in 100% agave, Stainless steel tanks
Distilled twice
Aged in American White Oak barrels
38% abv


Ramon Corona 155 CCol. Centro C.P.46400.
Tequila Jalisco, Tel:3747420054

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/tequilacimarron
Website: https://haas-brothers.com/expressions/cimarron-tequila/

Tequila Cimarrón Añejo

$15.00 U.S.D












  • Inexpensive


  • Not much flavor

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