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Tequila Cascahuín Blanco

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Tequila Cascahuín Blanco: True Agave Flavor, Not Easily Forgotten

I can remember over two decades ago hearing a Cascahuín commercial on a local Mexican radio station. As most radio commercials back then, they were almost comical.

Since then, Tequila Cascahuín has resonated in the back of my mind.

I had never actually tried Tequila Cascahuín; mostly because the commercial did not do a good job at convincing me.

It was not until recently that I saw it was being sold in different liquor stores. I paid 305.00 pesos for a 750ml bottle (under $17.00 USD).

However, I have seen the blanco sold for as low as $249.00 pesos ($13.00 USD) at other stores.

Tequila Cascahuín Blanco Front

In spite of the price, I decided to give Tequila Cascahuín Blanco a try.

My initial impression was WOW! After that, I experienced a brief moment of mental chastising and regret of not having tried this tequila sooner.

Tequila Cascahuín Blanco is a 100%  pure agave tequila, made by Tequilera Cascahuín (NOM 1123) in El Arenal, Jalisco.

Cascahuín is a prehispanic name that means “mountain of light” -which references the town of Arenal, Jalisco- or “party in the mountains”.

While many will argue where the best blue agave grows, El Arenal has been considered one of the top spots.

The catchphrase or slogan of Cascahuín is Siempre Parejo (Always consistent).

If you like white Tequila, Cascahuín Blanco is one that you have to try. I tried it once and it is now on my list of favorite white tequilas.

What’s Special About Cascahuín Blanco?

My first taste immediately gave me a classic, smoky agave flavor that sent me back 40 years. That is when tequila was not so refined and processing methods were still traditional.

This stands to reason since Cascahuín has been producing tequila since the early 1950s.

According to the Cascahuín label, it was founded back in 1904. Apparently, a long line of family heritage has been producing tequila since then.

Tequila Cascahuín Blanco Back

If you like Tequila Blanco you will love Cascahuín.

Tequila Cascahuín Blanco comes in a clear square bottle, it has what I would call a pale, lime-green label with black lettering.

Nothing fancy, just a neat and simple presentation.

When your first pour this tequila, you will notice a silky, almost thick looking consistency. It pours smooth and leaves a nice, thick blotchy raindrop coat on the glass.

The aroma sends of a mild agave scent which overpowers the distilled spirit.

The first sip is a peppery, sweet agave flavor with a hint of smokiness.

You can almost envision the blue agave being roasted due to Cascahuín’s predominant smoky aroma and taste.

While there is a bit of a bite when it hits, the throat finishes smooth and continues to give off hints of agave. There is no aftertaste.

On the contrary, it keeps you wanting to take the next sip.

And of course, the next sip is even better than the first!

The second time around you can taste even more of the accents of the peppery, agave flavor which is incredible.

Tequila Cascahuín Blanco in Shot Glass

I guess it’s obvious that I am someone who loves a classic, white tequila taste – and Tequila Cascahuín Blanco delivers a flavor that is very pleasing.

You can easily sip Cascahuín Blanco or make your favorite mixed drink or margarita with it, however, I personally believe this white tequila is one that has to be savored on its own.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a classic white tequila that delivers a true agave flavor, you will not regret getting your hands on a bottle of Tequila Cascahuín Blanco.

You have not heard the last about Cascahuín – my next task is to take a personal visit to the distillery.

My goal is to do a full tour of the distillery and get my hands on their Reposado, añejo and extra añejo tequilas.

Tequila Cascahuín S.A Ave, Ferrocarril S/N El Arenal, Jalisco, Mexico 45350.

Tel. +52 33 3614 9958.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cascahuin

Tequila Cascahuín Blanco













  • Excellent Agave Flavor
  • Classic Agave Taste
  • Good Price
  • Great for Sipping

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    I took your word on the review and you are spot on, I have not tasted many tequilas and after trying this one I don’t think I will have to.

    Do you know if they sell this brand in the U.S, just in case I’m on my way back from Mexico I’m taking a couple of bottles back with me.

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