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Tequila 3 Magueyes Blanco

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Tequila 3 Magueyes Blanco

Tequila Tres Magueyes Blanco (NOM 1449)

I just came across this bottle of 3 Magueyes Blanco not sure what year it is, possibly 2001 -2003, it had been a long time since I had seen a bottle like this and an opportunity to buy a bottle that I could not pass up. This was the last bottle on the shelf and it had been sitting a while, it was all covered in dust. I paid $300.00 pesos ($16.00 U.S.D) for the liter bottle NOM 1449.

For me, this was a nice discovery and one that I was willing to open up and review. For those of you lucky enough to find one of these gems I wanted to let you know what to expect.

Although this bottle does not say 100% agave it is it was produced way before that was a requirement, and once you crack it open and get a whiff you know that this bottle without a doubt is the real deal. In fact, I looked for other images of the same bottle and only found two.

Tres Magueyes Blanco is a classic tequila that offers a classic Blanco flavor, for many people this might be too strong, however, for those who are familiar with tequila tradition that goes back 20 years you know that most Blancos were not very refined.

Tequila 3 Magueyes Blanco Rear Label

The presentation is simple, it comes in a round liter bottle with a basic label with blue and red labeling on a white background along with green agaves at the top, the alcohol content on this bottle is 38%

The back of the bottle is embossed with the 3 Magueyes logo along with a label that in this case has the original address of Seagrams in Mexico City.


The aroma is this Blanco is straightforward and immediately gives off the smell of cooked agave with some alcohol on the nose.

The flavor

The first sip of Tequila 3 Magueyes Blanco immediately gives off a strong taste of agave with prominent notes of pepper and a subtle hint of mint, overall it has earthy tones, this Blanco finishes smooth with a lingering agave taste.

Tequila # Magueyes Blanco With Glass

What I like

This is a tequila that if I can still find I will definitely buy again, it represents true tradition, it’s not the smoothest but I consider this to be a good thing. Many new distilleries try to emphasize a lot on making a smooth tequila, I believe they do this to please a lot of the export market when traditionally Blancos are pretty strong and have some bite.

While the NOM 1449 still shows as active I rarely see any 3 Magueyes bottles in a liquor store, I have seen a few online stores that have stock of the 3 Magueyes reposado but I have not seen the Blanco anywhere. If you know different and you have found a bottle please let me know in the comment section below.


If you can still find tequila 3 Magueyes Blanco you should get a bottle, its a rare find and will make a great addition to any tequila collection. If in fact, they are not making this Blanco any more it could mean it will be worth some money in the future.

Tequila 3 Magueyes Blanco

NOM: 1449
Produced: Los Altos Jalisco
Cooking: Stone/Brick Ovens
Extraction: Roller Mill
Fermentation: 100% agave, Stainless steel tanks
Distillation: 2x distilled
Still: Stainless w/Copper Coil
Alcohol content 38% alcohol

Tequila 3 Magueyes Blanco

$16.00 U.S.D












  • Traditional Blanco Flavor
  • Agave Aroma
  • Great for sipping


  • Hard to Find

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