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El Tequileño Especial 50 Aniversario Añejo

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Tequileño Especial Añejo

Tequileño Especial 50 Aniversario Añejo a Rare Find

For as long as I have been drinking Tequila I have been a Tequileño fan, I have been drinking their Blanco for decades-long before it became a mixto, it has always been one of my favorites, in my opinion, it’s a Tequila that represents the true tradition of what tequila is and has been for over a hundred years. I love the Tequileño reposado because it also offers a great tasting tequila at a reasonable price. I paid $365.00 pesos ($20.00 U.S)

In this article, I am doing a review of a 50-year anniversary edition which is Tequileño Especial Añejo. It’s bottled under NOM 1108 38% alcohol, I have to admit that before I bought a bottle I did not have high expectations, mainly because many añejo tequilas go overboard and often have an extremely sweet flavor to the point of almost tasting somewhat artificial.


The presentation comes in a square rectangular 750ml bottle, the one I purchased was from 2011, it’s sealed with a glass cork that’s covered with a rubber coating but it seems to keep the bottle well sealed.

Tequileño Especial Añejo Back


The moment I opened up the bottle it gives off a nice aroma of caramel, vanilla, and almonds while still maintaining a hint of agave. To my surprise, this añejo tequila left me impressed from my first sip.


This 50th-anniversary tequila has been aged in oak barrels, the flavor is incredible, the first sip gives off hints of caramel, vanilla, and a slight hint o agave, there are subtle hints of nutmeg, black pepper and oak, overall this tequila is well balanced yet complex.

Tequileño Especial Añejo Back in Glass

As far as añejo’s go this is one that I would buy again, unfortunately, this is a rare find and has been discontinued which is a shame.

I do one have one pet peeve and that is the bottle, I normally wouldn’t mention this but it is a bottle that is hard to pour, the opening is displaced to one side and the neck of the bottle is short. If you pour it from a normal position even on the side closest to the mouth of the bottle it’s hard to prevent it from spilling, the easiest way is to pour it on its side.

Final thoughts

This Añejo can easily compete with some of the more expensive añejo’s making it a bargain yet offering the quality of some of the more popular brands.

I’m sure there are still a few bottles of Tequileño Especial 50 Aniversario Añejo still to be found, if you can get your hands on a bottle you better snag it. I have been able to find a few which I am storing away for special occasions, this is one that you will want to bring out and share with special friends,  it is a great tasting tequila and one that leaves a lasting impression.

Official website https://tequileno.com

Tequileno Facebook Page

Distillery address:

Chiapas #51 Col. Centro
CP 46400 Tequila, Jalisco
Phone:33 3613 0169

El Tequileño Especial 50 Aniversario Añejo













  • Great Flavor
  • Incredible aroma
  • Bargain price
  • Better than mor expensive añejo's


  • Discontinues product
  • Hard to pour

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